Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hillary Clinton Is Tracy Flick

Hilarious, from Slate:

See it at the original site:
you know why I have confidence the Democrats can win this election?
'Cause Fox News (Fixed News?) ratings are down and CNN 's are up!

Republicans make Fox News sick. Salon Op-Ed by Eric Boehlert

American CNN is much more sensationalist than CNN en Español, but it's still waaaay better than the shit Rupert's Psycho Republicans regularly churn out. If I were an old republican I'd be ashamed.

P.S.: I had no idea Ron Paul's supporters chased down Sean Hannity!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This is an NY Times article about John Edward's and Mitt Romney's differing ideas about wealth.

Edwards is withdrawing from the race today, although he hasn't endorsed Clinton or Obama yet. Romney is still in the running, for now. But it's still an intersting disparity, how Romney sounds almost irritated at the idea of the two Americas.

"There is a model of thought among the Democrats — that the amount of money, the amount of wealth in a nation, is a fixed amount," he said in an interview. "And that if Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are making a lot of money, that just means somebody else is not able to make as much. That happens to be entirely false."

Edwards, consumate trial lawyer and politician, thanks his country for his wealth.
Although Edwards populism can be grating at times, and I really think he should read Travels of a T-Shirt by Pietra Rivoli, I can't help feling tugged by his rhetoric. And I'm not convinced by Romney's idea of infinite wealth for the taking.

After all, isn't it obvious that the world economy and savage capitalism brings wealth to only a privileged few? I used to believe this was because the market wasn't really free and getting rid of the bogeymen and the State's regulation and protectionism would really free capitalism't potential, but I'm not so sure anymore.

There's a reason so many nations are turning to populsim, and some sort of socialism. And while we all cringe at China's newfound economic power, not many stop to think that they did it without foreign aid, and without democracy. They still have poverty of course, but it's less now and they don't owe billions to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund like Argentina and other countries do.

Just some food for thought.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get Up, Stand Up....Stand Up for Your Rights.....

What is up with Turkey?? It's probably the only country in the world right now where a headscarf equates freedom.

It's pretty complicated, with religious conservatives feeling like second class citizens 'cause their women can't wear headscarves in public buildings. The elite is ferociously secular, a legacy of Mustafa Kemal. But rural Turks moved to the cities in 1980s nd prospered. So now the religious middle class wants to express their piety, while the military and secular elite aren't just going to stand back and allow it.

The problem is, that way lies madness. Or the religious conservatives taking over, or whatever Turks fear. See Afghanistan, Iran, and USA for further examples of religious conservatives and freaks taking over a nation and its public sphere.

I feel for them. It just feels so counterintuitive, such a step backward. But would the same arguments pop up if it were a Western religious tradition they wanted to allow, such as the nun's wimples? Besides, a lot of it is the military being upset since they are losing power. It's all tangled up in ways us Westerners can't easily grasp.

If you're interested in Turkey and 20th century history, I highly recommend Louis de Berniere's Birds Without Wings. It's a big fat book that chronicles the Ottoman collapse in Turkey, among other things. I read it a couple years ago, when we where in Santorini and Crete so the details are a bit hazy but the Balkan Wars, WWI and the Greek War of Independence all have a cameo, showing us how pretty war and invasion is I'm talking to you Mr. Bush....

It's told Rashomon style, with the different perspectives being Muslim, Christian, Greek and Turkish. It's also a shudder bitterwseet romance, and you also get to read about the rise of Mustafa Kemal and his transformation into Ataturk, literally, The Father of All Turks. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, the Beatles and Abe Lincoln rolled into one. With a little Morpheus thrown in for good measure. Kidding, don't go all jihad on me please.

De Berniere also wrote Captain Corelli's Mandolin, but we'll just ignore visions of Nicolas Cage for the moment. Also, anything by Orman Pamuk, but they're difficult reads, for me at least!

Waiting for Super Tuesday....or Godot, whichever is fine

The Kennedys support Obama. This is huuge. Caroline Kennedy's speech was especially significant. My mother, who's a baby boomer and lived in Chicago when JFK, thinks Obama is sure to win now. But a lot of boomers back Clinton, so we'll see. This is just evened the field. We need see if Edwards decides to be a Kingmaker or a Queenmaker, haha.

No word on Florida yet, this is probably Rudy Giuliani's make it or break it state. The New York Times has published their preferences since Friday, Clinton for the Democrats and McCain for the Republicans, although they do state they have serious problems with allRepublican candidates. At least they're honest, and admit a preference. Something El Norte never does, and it's a subject of debate among some of my friends, is it a smarter, sneakier or more innocent strategy? My guess is all of the above. Although innocent strategy is an oxymoron, sort of like military intelligence.

Well, I've got my inbox piling up, and I'm gonna miss the movies today since I can't get off early. I'll try to post after the Florida results come in.

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Song: Visions of this song, can't wait for I'm not there to freaking arrive to México. Damn small releases.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"To stay away from Christianity because part of the Bible's teaching is offensive to you assumes that if there is a God he wouldn't have any views that upset you. Does that belief make sense?"

-Timothy Keller, The Reason for God

Well, the shoe kinda fits. I am a culturally Christian atheist and most of the time I lack faith. I rail against the Church, I laugh at people who pose the Bible as fact. However, Nietzche doesn't quite convince me all the time. Neither does Jesus Christ, but the point is, why should he? This is the slippery slope to New Ageism where you take only the nice bits and ignore the rest, but then again we do it with a lot of things, it's not necessarily bad. I hate being confused, but I also have to accept that things are never black and white. In the end, the golden rule is what matters I think.

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Disturbing Trend of the Day: Personal Paparazzi

From Jeff Bercovici's Mixed Media blog on

You know those paparazzi who are always swarming around Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, chronicling their every cold sore and psychotic break? Wouldn't that be great if that could be you instead?
According to a story in the new issue of Time (not online yet but I'll link it when it is), "personal paparazzi" services are springing up across the country for "private individuals who want to experience some of the trappings of fame."
For only a few hundred dollars a day, they'll follow you around and make a big show of taking your picture. One of them, Celeb 4 A Day, even prints up a mock tabloid cover showcasing your "news."
The service isn't entirely without utilitarian value: People can use it, in lieu of a traditional photographer, to document special occasions, and one customer interviewed by Time says club bouncers let him skip the line, thinking he was an actual celebrity.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


From the site:

"Lovecraft Biofuels has converted over 1800 vehicles to run on vegetable oil in the last five years here in Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. We specialize in a single tank system that allows you to mix new or waste vegetable oil, diesel and/or bio-diesel in any combination using the original fuel tank. We have Conversion Centers in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon and have customers from around the world successfully running on our conversions."

Who says you can't have your (green) cake and eat it too... pretty cool, eh?

Catholic Singles in your area!

There are singles sites and then there are singles sites.

What if the online love of your life turns out to be a satan worshipper, or a scientologist, or worse, a protestant?

Well, never fear 'cause Catholic Mingle is here!

Aside from the creepiness of single sites, aren't you supposed to be on a singles site 'cause you're lonely and horny? (not necessarily single, alas) Wouldn't a catholic site pretty much guarantee you'll still be horny?

So we have creepy singles and creepy religious types who are forever going on and on about how the Lord fills their lives and tells them what to do and how to shun people who aren't their particular cult 'cause they'll go to hell anyway.

Sorry my theist friends, you know that my rant has more to do with people who go all preachy about their faith.

Anyhoo, Catholic fucking made my day

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see."

-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, January 21, 2008

"One, it will stabilize her libido. Two, it will make a woman look more beautiful in the eyes of her husband. And three, it will balance her psychology."

-Lukman Hakim, chairman of social services for the Assalaam Foundation in Indonesia, on the “benefits” to circumcising girls.

I try. really, I do. I want to be tolerant. I want to be objective an unbiased. And I struggle agains organized religion in general, not just Islam. Certainly the church is very interesting from a historical and political perspective, but I find evangelism offensive.

But after reading this article, I really can't say that Judeo-Christian beliefs are as ass backwards as Muslim faith.

A Cutting Tradition

Yesyesyes Jewish men are circumcised and they really shouldn't, but this is just even more barbaric! Besides, I'm sorry to say this guys but male circumcision apparently does have demonstrated health benefits, namely reduced risk of infection and some protection against H.I.V. (Insert link from AIDS study in Africa)

The pics are quite strong, at least to me as a woman they make me cringe. Read the article, it's short. And let's rethink our touchy feely politics, hmm? Maybe Oriana Fallaci wasn't so nutty.

Europe vs. USA

Even though I have yet to finish my MBA (this summer, finally) I have already been thinking of a Phd in Sociology. I'm not exactly sure Sociology is the way to go, but I will not dedicate my life to Economics and Communication is more a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Basically, I want to study immigration. To quantify how much money Mexico loses every time someone crosses the border, and how much money the USA is gaining. Opportunity costs that sort of thing.

That's one of several possible subjects, for example if I were to stay in Mexico I want to research our Jewish and Arab roots in Monterrey (cabrito and semitas are Jewish if you look at them. Luis Carvajal y de la Cueva was imprisoned for false conversion, years after he founded the city of course that's why Diego de Montemayor gets the most credit)

Anyway, my question is where I want to study. Aside from the fact that I need to me admitted, but do I want to go to Europe or not?

1. It's freaking Europe. Paris would be around the corner. And Rome, and Venice, Cairo, Marrakesh, et al.

2. I might have less competition for admission? (Compared to UCBerkeley)

3. I'm guessing European scholars would be more objective about the American way than Americans, it's advantages and shortcomings.

4. I might get a better scholarship, one that includes a stipend.

1. It's quite far away, so how will I do research for my dissertation on immigration all the way over there? Plane tickets are expensive.

2. Is the European outlook too ivory towerish?

The US universities also have their share of troubles, I mean I don't think research on immigration form a pro Mexico stance would go over well, exactly.

Does anybody have an opinion on this?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hace días que no actualizo, pero la neta es que he tenido un buen de jale en el periódico y aparte una traducción. Lo bueno es que no voy a tener clases este tetra. Lo malo es que tal vez tenga que pagar unos 15 mil el tetra de verano.....damn.

Sigo ávidamente las primarias en EU, aunque a veces resiento el hecho que usen la palabra "cambio" tanto, ya que a la mera hora todo sigue igual. Ok, no tan mal como con Bush pero tampoco son las estrellitas que pretenden ser.

Edwards, tan honesto y enojado, es un abogado de juicio que ha sacado mucha lana de demandas de malpractice, quiere cerrar las fronteras y aparte trae un turbio escándalo sexual escondido, que puede ser verdad o puede ser fabricación de Karl Rove y sus seguidores tanto Demócratas como Republicanos.

A la mera hora el escándalo sexual vale madre, yo no creo que el hecho de que le puso el cuerno o no a su esposa con cáncer lo va a descalificar como presidente. Nos gusta pensar que hay que tener gente honesta, moral e íntegra en ese tipo de puestos, pero la neta lo que ese puesto requiere es gente capaz y que busque el bien en el abstracto, osea de todos pero no necesariamente de una persona en específico (e.g., su esposa)

Sé que no me estoy explicando pero tenemos el ejemplo de Clinton (o Sarkozy), que puede ser viejos rabo verdes y cola pronta pero eso no le quita el hecho de que le hizo mucho bien a Estados Unidos como presidente. Y cuando a EU le va bien, hay oportunidad de que a México le vaya bien. Sin embargo cuando a EU le va mal, de ley que a México le va de la chingada.

La falta de experiencia de Obama neta que ya me preocupa más, pero Billary no logra convencerme. La neta es que nadie te va a convencer por completo, pero sería bueno que McCain no estuviera tan senil en cuanto a Iraq, y no tuviera el MegaPedo de Lincoln Savings & Loan, lo podríamos apoyar aunque es Republicano. Fricasé dice que el wey es antiimmigración, pero el wey es Republicano, John Edwards es más peligrosos para los migrantes que él.

De los demás, Giuliani, Romney, Huckabee, Ron Paul, no me ocupo mucho porque la neta no les veo posibilidades por el momento. Giuliani se supone que está construyendo bases en California y Florida y otros estados importantes que ahorita los talking heads de los noticieros no están pelando, pero le dudo.

Total, días ocupados con clima asqueroso, necesito dormir, y la pinche biología le está ganando al feminismo, porque de nuevo este pescado siente la necesidad de una bicicleta......adios

Monday, January 14, 2008

Del Redondeo...a la sútil discriminación contra el pensamiento de las mujeres críticas

El ya tan llevado y traído redondeo me tiene hasta la madre.

Ahora los cajeros ni te preguntan si quieres redondear, lo dan por sentado que al cabo es más fácil no dar cambio y supongo que sus jefes les miden que tanto redondeo recogen.

Me cagan las monedas como alguna vez dijo Aldrete. Hacen ruido en el pantalon cuando caminas, pesan, te dejan las manos oliendo mal, y no alcanzan para comprar nada. Deberían de quitarlas, que al cabo 21.90 o 21.50 es 22.00 pesos entonces no nos quieran engañar señores mercadotecnistas. Pero son mis molestas monedas y no aprecio que de buenas a primeras me redondeen a la fuerza.

Para empezar nunca me aclararon la duda que si los minoristas pueden deducir impuestos de nuestras donaciones, al menos no de manera satisfactoria. Que lástima que nada más queremos encontrarle tres pies a la gata, pero así es.

Me cuesta creer que la ANTAD y todos sus compinches hagan esto por la puritita bondad de su corazón. Mínimo se están alzando el cuello con lana que no es de ellos.

Aparte, aunque me tachen de cruel, ¿porqué ha de decidir alguien más por mi si voy a donar o no, y a qué instituciones dono mi cambio?

Claro nadie quiere quitarle la sopa a los niños de la casa-hogar fulana de tal, pero la mayor parte de las veces ni siquiera sabes cuál es la insititución de la semana.

Hay varias razones por las que quiero escoger personalmente a la insitutición, en caso de hacer una donación. Hay causas más cercanas a mí; hay causas menos populares pero no por eso menos merecedoras; hay instituciones que tienen mucha burocracia; hay unas que dedican su presupuesto a actividades en las que estoy en contra.

Es muy popular donar a orfanatorios, pero no a las casas de ancianos. Si vas a donar tiempo o dinero, los niños son más atractivos, a la mera hora alguien más les donará a ellos pero puede que nadie dé de si para un anciano.

Es muy en onda donar para la Fundación Cima. Pero hay cánceres que matan a más personas, que necesitan más de tí, aunque no sean tan glamourosos. Ahora si hay una razón más personal para donar para el cáncer de mama, adelante.

Si lo que queremos es causar el mayor impacto posible con la menor inversión posible, como los economistas, hay miles de personas que mueren cada año por falta de agua potable o por enfermedades enteramente prevenibles y/o curables como la malaria o la tuberculosis.

La Fundación de Bill y Melinda Gates escoge causas donde puedan mejorar la vida del mayor número de personas posible, y causas que han sido dejadas de lado en el pasado. Por eso ellos no dan dinero para el American Cancer Society pero sí para erradicar el SIDA, la malaria, la tuberculosis, y la educación media en Estados Unidos. No son causas muy sexys, pero sí son importantes.

Volviendo a los cincuenta centavos del Seven y el Soriana, no donaría para que evangelizaran. Tampoco donaría a una institución que predicara abstinencia si no acompañara ese sermón de una sana y abierta educación sexual enfocada a prevención y control natal. Me vale madre que piensen que es derrotista repartir condones mientras aconsejan esperarse. Los condones salvan vidas. ¿Sabían que por un tiempo Soriana redondeaba para la asociación de Martha Sahagún, Vamos México?

De las pocas instituciones religiosas a las que admiro está Cáritas, porque pienso que son efectivos y no pierden mucho tiempo con demagogia. En cambio la Cruz Roja de México está tan enlodada que uno no sabe si la donación termina en una ambulancia o el bolsillo de alguien. ¿Qué sólo son dos pesos? Pues súmale los dos pesos de todos y no es tan despreciable, mejor que vaya a algo útil, ¿no?

Conocía alguien que cada vez que quería cigarros, fritos o sodas, hacía coperacha en toda la oficina, pidiendo tres pesos. Su pitch era que tú no alcanzabas a comprar nada con tres pesos hoy en día, no lo ibas a extrañar y en cambio si le podíar ayudar a comer ese día porque no traía dinero. Pues así juntaba fácil cuarenta pesos todos los días, porque eramos muchísimos en ese piso y con diez o quince personas que le dieran ese día, era suficiente. Al chico no le daba pena, esa era su clave.

Tal vez nada que ver, tal vez soy una grinch amarguetas que prefiere no hacer nada por temor a que no sea la acción correcta. Pero hay muchas cosas que nos venden como "buenas" y "nobles" que nadie puede criticar sin que se le echen encima a uno. La Iglesia Católica y la Madre Teresa.

Pero nadie es perfecto, y si no hacemos una crítica seguirán estas instituciones que le dicen a las mujeres que hay que tener "los hijos que Dios quiera" y les dicen que el condón es del diablo, y entonces tienes a la sobrepoblación en la India, África y México que las Marthas de este mundo defienden con el texto chingado de que a quien recomendarías abortar, a la madre soltera, la que tiene sífilis etc, y luego salen con que asesinaste a Jesucristo, Beethoven y a Gerald Ford.

Que no nos de miedo pensar lo que decimos y decir lo que pensamos, y que no nos asustemos si nos tachan de arrogantes por ser nosotras mismas.

Friday, January 11, 2008

La mujer se hace, no nace. 100 años después, sigue la discriminación

Eufrosina Cruz Mendoza tiene 28 años. Es contadora, directora con licencia de una escuela técnica para indígenas.

Parece anuncio del gobierno federal congratulandose por el seguro popular y sus seis becas....pero es una realidad. La discriminación racial y de género está vivita y coleando.

Supongo que han oído del caso de Eufrosina. El cacique local no le impidió ser candidata, si al cabo las mujeres no pueden votar en su pueblo, gracias a la Ley de Usos y Costumbres. Eufrosina le llama Abusos y Costumbres. Le digo por su primer nombre a pesar de nunca haber hablado con ella, espero no te ofendas, Eufrosina.

Pues aún y que sólo hombres podían votar, ella iba ganando. Hombres que han crecido con la idea de que las mujeres no deben votar, entre otras cosas. Enhorabuena por aquellos que votaron por Eufrosina.

Desafortunadamente "Se cayó el sistema", y pasó lo que ya reportaron los noticieros. Me choca la palabra "desafortunada" porque me imagino que con eso nos encongemos de hombros y decimos c'est la vie o algo igual de falso y estúpido.

He aquí una lista de links con más info, un par de editoriales de Sarmiento acerca del tema e incluso una de un blog que defiende los usos y costumbres y acusa a Eufrosina de estar apalancándose, queriendo eliminar los usos y costumbres para que el PRI pueda entrar a dominar a su pueblo. No sé si reir o llorar.

El Cartucho Editorial de Sergio Sarmiento, Grupo Reforma, enero 10

Denuncia Eufrosina a Ediles Nota de Grupo Reforma, enero 5

LA CONTADORA EUFROSINA CRUZ MENDOZA…el nacimiento de una nueva, política indígena o de una “indígena” política. El babablog de Guillermo Marín donde la acusa de querer eliminar a los sacrosantos Usos y Costumbres

De mujer a mujer: Le piden negociar triunfo en Oaxaca Nota de Grupo Reforma, diciembre 14

Abusos y Costumbres Editorial de Sarmiento, 12 diciembre Grupo Reforma

Retrasan expediente Nota Grupo Reforma, diciembre 5

Sufre acoso candidata por impugnar Nota de Grupo Reforma, diciembre 5

Le quitan triunfo. ¿La razón? ¡Ser mujer! Nota de Grupo Reforma, diciembre 5

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Modern Romance

I'm a sucker for romance.

My favorite book is, I admit it, Pride & Prejudice. (I always feel compelled to add, "but my fave movie is the Godfather!" or something to that effect. I just did it now, see?)

I've watched Love Actually, Bridget Jones, Great Expectations, You've Got Mail and assorted rom-coms more times than I care to admit.

Two scenes I always remember:

1. When Bridget's dotty ass friends propose a toast on her birthday, "To Bridget, who cannot cook, but who we love...just as she is". And Mark Darcy's look, 'cause he knows you wouldn't reproduce conversations to your friends verbatim if it wasn't important.

2. The very end of Before Sunset. Celine, Julie Delpy's character, is dancing to Nina Simone. Jesse, Ethan Hawke's character, watches her. She's relaxed (she's had her breakdown now), almost loopy while bowing to the inevitable and says, "Baby, you are gonna miss that plane". And Jesse just looks at her, smiles, and answers, "I know."

I like Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Hoyt. They're funny, but they're romance authors (Why do I have to add that "but"?). I know what HEA and TSTL mean. Hell, I even read Lisa Kleypas and Mary Balogh on occasion. 'Cause I like 'em.

So, I want a happy ending. Whether I believe in it, well, that remains to be seen.

Public displays of affection annoy me. I quote like a fanboy. But I'm not so cynical that I can't drop the act for a moment. Come on, I don't always criticize everything and everyone. I know it's a cop out. Isn't anyone allowed to bitch anymore?

And believe me, I can do or say the corniest and most embarrassing things without giggling or deadpan. Like I love you. When the moment is right.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Hasta hueva me da escribir la palabra.....He tenido una mala mañana, llena de gente sin quehacer corriendo como pollos descocados.....Aparte tengo una super traducción que terminar, y me da flojera....dinero, cochino dinero, mira lo que hago por tí. Todo sea por una buena causa.......
Alguien recomiéndeme algo que leer, que sea fresco y ligero, pero que provoque las neuronas.....
Hillary won in New Hampshire...and what does that mean?

According to the New York Times,
"Several New Hampshire women, some of them undecided until Tuesday, said that a galvanizing moment for them had been Mrs. Clinton’s unusual display of emotion on Monday as she described the pressures of the race and her goals for the nation — a moment Mrs. Clinton herself acknowledged as a breakthrough."

So she needs to play the emotion card, is that it? Can she do it again without alienating her voters?

Older women as a group get more radical as they grow older, you could say they come into their own and stop fearing what other people may think. So if they want to support Hillary, they will. They have the money and the know how to get her elected, but will they vote for her because she is a woman also, or do they believe in her politics?

Obama is young and lacks experience, but he does represent change, something Hillary doesn't embody anymore for many non-women voters. But the younger demographic may not be as intense about voting as older women.

Hillary must know all this, since she went on stage after her New Hampshire victory with teenagers and young adults behind her, instead of the old Clinton loyalists such as Madeleine Albright.

This victory was by no means a landslide. Ms. Clinton won by 2.6%, some 7,481 votes.

McCain, on the other hand, finally won, and he beat Romney by 13, 245 votes. That's 5.5% of the Republican vote. Huckabee didn't muster even a third of McCain's votes, with 26, 760.

Let's hope his victory sticks. Although Michigan will probably go to Romney, and North Carolina evangelicals might give Huckabee more momentum.

We'll need to wait and see

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now close your eyes, and imagine the little girl was white...

The title is a dialogue from A Time to Kill, a 90's movies with Matthew McConaughey. If you saw that movie, McConaughey's character delivers this closing for a black man's trial, who had beaten up a couple of whiteboys who raped his little girl.

I was reminded of that, reading this is op ed piece by Gloria Steinem for the New York Times

THE woman in question became a lawyer after some years as a community organizer, married a corporate lawyer and is the mother of two little girls, ages 9 and 6. Herself the daughter of a white American mother and a black African father — in this race-conscious country, she is considered black — she served as a state legislator for eight years, and became an inspirational voice for national unity.

Be honest: Do you think this is the biography of someone who could be elected to the United States Senate? After less than one term there, do you believe she could be a viable candidate to head the most powerful nation on earth?

Well holy catfish, that's Obama she's talking 'bout. People have griped about his lack of experience, but nearly as much as they have griped about Hilary's bitchiness or her willingness to rely on Bill, or to play the gender card, etc etc...

Steinem may be confusing correlation with causality, but she may have a point here....

Monday, January 07, 2008

Is Michael Pollan on John Edward's Advisory Committee? Notes on the forgotten Democrat

Very interesting post by food blogger Anne Richardson. It seems John Edwards is the only candidate (in México he would be precandidato, as everyone else) with a food policy. Not only that, but it sounds like a cracking good policy.

Or check it out at the source itself:

Yes, I wasn't flattered where they mention that mexican strawberries and green onions caused food poisoning back in '96 and '97, but overall I found it very interesting and articulate.

Now, before we get carried away, let me say that being self sufficient foodwise and not importing isn't all it's cracked up to be. After all, Japan isn't self sufficient by any stretch of the word and you don't see them worrying.

Japanese eat fish all the time and you don't see them worrying about mercury poisoning. Also, their diet is much more diverse than the average American's (and the average Mexican's, too!)

Fad diets and food scares are very much a US phenomenom, some people think because they don't have a food culture, no base. Infotainment and sensationalist news programs have a great deal of blame here.

Now, about food autonomy. Mexican politicians like to dump ashes over their head and wear sackcloth over the recent elimination of aranceles for yellow corn, among other grains, and bellow that "El Campo Mexicano" (that obscure beast on the pedestal who can't do much of anything up there) is going to fall apart.

For starters, we already have been importing yellow corn from the USA. We hardly grow it, since we frow white corn for human consumption. We even export a little bit of it to the US. (How do you like them apples, Confederación Nacional Agraria?)

If yellow corn is cheap cause of US subsidies to farmers, then mexican businessmen actually benefit. Mexican farmers aren't really affected 'cause nobody is not buying from them to import 'cause they don't grow yellow freaking corn.

I know it sounds incredibly republican of me, but trying to brake the race to the bottom and blocking our borders without any thought to real solutions and compromise, will not help in the long run. This doesn't mean savage capitalism should run rampant, but closing out eyes, sticking our head in the sand, and throwing a tantrum like the populist faction is wont to do, won't solve anything.

But, I digress. Hugely.

Edward's Stop this World I want to get off tirade may annoy my political pragmatist wonky side at times, but he is certainly a very interesting candidate to watch, somebody who's definitely putting some intellectual thought into his speeches, not just media blitz politico savvy shit, might they be offended by this? type of drivel you see a lot of the other candidates spouting. (I'm talking to you Hillary. And you too Obamarama, don't think you're safe)

He's a guy with a passion, and a backstory. And a guy with ideas. Think of him as a more interesting Al Gore. (Kidding, Al, you know I love ya!) 'Bama should think about a running mate.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Half of what I say is meaningless....

But I say it just to reach you, Julia.....
That's a beautiful John Lennon song.

When I cannot sing my heart... I can only speak my mind

I'm never really sure who my favourite Beatle is.
McCartney has always been my mother's choice at home, but I'm really not that fond of Yesterday (gasp!).
Don't get me wrong, I love I've Just Seen a Face, there's just something so true when Paul goes had it been another day I might have looked the other way... how life and fate is so capricious and ephemeral sometimes. And his Dylan tribute, Rocky Raccoon, is funny, I listen to it more than Lennon's You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. So is Back in the USSR

I love their joint contributions,In My Life, Let it Be, I've Got a Feeling, Getting Better, One After 909.. gosh, I've just realized there's a bit of honky tonk in me!

Anyway, Lennon's individual compositions, Julia, Across the Universe, they make me cry, they're so beautiful. And laugh, as with Mean Mr. Mustard.Before any of you start that they're all credited as Lennon/McCartney, you can usually tell if one of them was the main guy based on lyrics. Although, Mother Nature's Son has a Lennony feel, it's mainly a McCartney composition, which surprised me when I found out.

There's also the thing about who's got the best love story. Paul and Linda spent only one night apart in 30 years of marriage (And I think that one night he was in jail in Japan). Buuut, there's that thing with the art gallery where John met Yoko. Yes. One tiny word.

That night, Lennon climbed a ladder to the ceiling to see one of Ono's installations: a placard with a tiny word on it--"Yes." She gave him a card reading "Breathe;" and requested five shillings to hammer an imaginary nail into the wall. His famous retort: an imaginary five shillings to hammer the imaginary nail. And he knew, John later said. They talked all through that night.

I love the instant connection factor. Sure, they were both married to different people when they met. She had been hospitalized in Japan after a suicide attempt. She had been married twice (more than twice if you count that she actually had to marry Anthony Cox twice since the first time was annulled because she hadn't gotten properly divorced from Toshi Ichiyanagi). She had a daughter, and she was seven years older than him. She was nutty, but she was yin to John's yang.

John and Yoko were certainly revolutionary. Paul and Linda were quieter back then, but years later they were quite vocal about vegetarianism and animal rights. Plus, they were on the Simpsons, heh.

So, Lennon or McCartney? Who's your favorite Beatle? And who'll come out of the left field with George Harrison and sweep me off my feet?

El Musulman no practicante y el Hillbilly de la mesa de regalos

Pues Iowa es sólo el principio. Todavía falta mucho. Pero por lo pronto un candidato negro que se denomina musulmán no practicante lleva la delantera con los demócratas, y un ex pastor y hillbilly confeso a los republicanos.

Lo raro es que Huckabee, aunque dice que los republicanos no lo quieren por white trash, tiene un programa económico (lo que sé de él) sumamente apegado al status quo actual que tiene el GOP. Osea, más lana para los que ya la tienen, cobren impuestos a los jodidos y que las farmacéuticas sigan enriqueciendose. No tienen nada que temer de él los republicanos. Por dios, quiere sustituir el ISR por algo parecido al IVA, un impuesto nacional de ventas!

Defiende a las minorías, incluyendo a los imigrantes ilegales, pero qué sabe de relaciones exteriores?

Total, no creo que Huckabee quede como candidato. Los estadounidenses lo podrían elegir como presidente, pero los republicanos no eligirían (o elegirán) como candidato. Más o menos como le pasó a Creel, aunque por razones muy diferentes.
Lo siento, América*, no podán comprar en la mesa de regalos de Huckabee para que redecore la Casa Blanca al estilo sureño. Tal vez vaya a "The Biggest Loser" y les cuente su historia de como bajo 80 kilos para motivarlos!**

En cuanto a los demás precandidatos del GOP.....pues bueno. Romney, que me recuerda a George Jetson, combinado con un "snake oil salesman". No creo que su super pensadas estrategias puedan vencer el hecho de que su partido está dominado por Cristianos Conservadores que ven su religión como un obstáculo, esos bichos raros mormones, polygamistas.... hmmm, no creo, no. Hay muchas otras cosas, pero estas son las más banales, heh.

Lo mismo Giuliani, el wey ya la cagó demasiado, no alcanza a recuperarse. Y los republicanos no superan sus divorcios. Pues chingado, a uno lo tachan de muy religioso y el otro de amoral, que quieren? Si el wey los salvó en 9/11! (Según él, que creo exagera). Era el candidato más fuerte a nivel nacional, se supone, pero su momento ya pasó. A mi gusto, John McCain gana, o debería ganar, la candidatura de su partido. El senador de Arizona sería muy buena competencia para Obarama y Oprah. Por lo pronto, Rudy puede ir diciendo adios.

Que todavía no puedo decir lo mismo de la Hillary. Esta pérdida probablemente le enseñó sus fallas, y todavía tiene tiempo para recuperarse. Aparte, no subestimen a Bubba, el ex presidente más carismático que tienen los gringos.

A la mera hora, todo depende si la gente quiere de 4 a 8 años más de....


* (como me caga que EU no tenga nombre propio de verdad entonces nos chinguen al resto del continente)
** (Eso si le admiro, pero no significa que haría buen presidente!)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

the age you are is the age you were when you became who you are

Entonces tengo 19, 21? Estamos siempre cambiando, y siempre somos los mismos....
Entonces cuando me convertí en yo ?

Quiero ver Cine

Me choca que las películas "serias" y "oscareables"están tardando tanto en llegar a México este año.

Tal vez porque son small releases o realmente no tienen acuerdos de distribución con Fox o Warner (será?) o porque les vale madre, este viernes, en vez de la nueva de los Coen o de P.T. Anderson, se estrena Alien vs. Depredador 2.

Háganme el cabrón favor!! ¿Cómo diablos se filmó Alien vs. Depredador? Y ahora tiene una secuela! No mamen, ¿a quién se le ocurrió esto?¿ Cuántos octagones y líneas se metió el productor que pensó (uno supone)...Sí, el mundo necesita una movie con Alien Y con Depredador.....

Pobre guionista, no le pesará la censura kármica en las madrugadas...

En verdad, Alien tenía un track record más o menos chido, eran movies palomeras pero si eran divertidas. La primera fue de Ridley Scott, la 2 de James Cameron (bite me), Alien 3 fue de David Fincher y la última de Jean-Pierre Jeunet (La Ciudad de los Niños Perdidos, Delicatessen, Amelie). No tenían porque mezclarle con un personaje de una movie del Governator.

Total, hay un chingo de pelis buenas, interesantes, en fin, que quiero ver y todavía no llegan....
No Country for Old Men (febrero 8), There Will be Blood, Into the Wild, Sweeney Todd, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, American Gangster (enero 18), Persepolis, I'm Not There, Margot at the Wedding, Lars and the Real Girl, The Darjeeling Limited (enero 11), Youth Without Youth, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, Elizabeth the Golden Age (febrero 22), Juno, Atonement (marzo 7).

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Ou mai Gah!

1. Voy a cumplir 26 este año...
2. Voy a terminar mi estúpido MBA este año...(dizque)
3. Ya no tengo bodas este año...porque ya se casaron las que se iban a casar? Bueno, faltan Diana y Are, pero no este año.
4. No tengo viaje a ningún lado específico planeado, pero tan pronto tenga vacaciones, Tailandia o Egipto (por fucking fin). Aquí es cuando extraño a American....quiero ser D2 Registered Companion, anybody?
5. Quiero carro, se podrá este año?
6. Este será el año del veganismo? O mínimo del cultivo orgánico?
7. Este será el año del barril de crudo a Dls. 100? (Cáaalmateee, negocios)
8. Este será el año del Sr. Darcy?
9. Quiero o no quiero estudiar un doctorado en Sociología? Esta es la despedida desde el muelle para el cine?
10. Adios a las CCs......