Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary won in New Hampshire...and what does that mean?

According to the New York Times,
"Several New Hampshire women, some of them undecided until Tuesday, said that a galvanizing moment for them had been Mrs. Clinton’s unusual display of emotion on Monday as she described the pressures of the race and her goals for the nation — a moment Mrs. Clinton herself acknowledged as a breakthrough."

So she needs to play the emotion card, is that it? Can she do it again without alienating her voters?

Older women as a group get more radical as they grow older, you could say they come into their own and stop fearing what other people may think. So if they want to support Hillary, they will. They have the money and the know how to get her elected, but will they vote for her because she is a woman also, or do they believe in her politics?

Obama is young and lacks experience, but he does represent change, something Hillary doesn't embody anymore for many non-women voters. But the younger demographic may not be as intense about voting as older women.

Hillary must know all this, since she went on stage after her New Hampshire victory with teenagers and young adults behind her, instead of the old Clinton loyalists such as Madeleine Albright.

This victory was by no means a landslide. Ms. Clinton won by 2.6%, some 7,481 votes.

McCain, on the other hand, finally won, and he beat Romney by 13, 245 votes. That's 5.5% of the Republican vote. Huckabee didn't muster even a third of McCain's votes, with 26, 760.

Let's hope his victory sticks. Although Michigan will probably go to Romney, and North Carolina evangelicals might give Huckabee more momentum.

We'll need to wait and see

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