Friday, January 04, 2008

Half of what I say is meaningless....

But I say it just to reach you, Julia.....
That's a beautiful John Lennon song.

When I cannot sing my heart... I can only speak my mind

I'm never really sure who my favourite Beatle is.
McCartney has always been my mother's choice at home, but I'm really not that fond of Yesterday (gasp!).
Don't get me wrong, I love I've Just Seen a Face, there's just something so true when Paul goes had it been another day I might have looked the other way... how life and fate is so capricious and ephemeral sometimes. And his Dylan tribute, Rocky Raccoon, is funny, I listen to it more than Lennon's You've Got to Hide Your Love Away. So is Back in the USSR

I love their joint contributions,In My Life, Let it Be, I've Got a Feeling, Getting Better, One After 909.. gosh, I've just realized there's a bit of honky tonk in me!

Anyway, Lennon's individual compositions, Julia, Across the Universe, they make me cry, they're so beautiful. And laugh, as with Mean Mr. Mustard.Before any of you start that they're all credited as Lennon/McCartney, you can usually tell if one of them was the main guy based on lyrics. Although, Mother Nature's Son has a Lennony feel, it's mainly a McCartney composition, which surprised me when I found out.

There's also the thing about who's got the best love story. Paul and Linda spent only one night apart in 30 years of marriage (And I think that one night he was in jail in Japan). Buuut, there's that thing with the art gallery where John met Yoko. Yes. One tiny word.

That night, Lennon climbed a ladder to the ceiling to see one of Ono's installations: a placard with a tiny word on it--"Yes." She gave him a card reading "Breathe;" and requested five shillings to hammer an imaginary nail into the wall. His famous retort: an imaginary five shillings to hammer the imaginary nail. And he knew, John later said. They talked all through that night.

I love the instant connection factor. Sure, they were both married to different people when they met. She had been hospitalized in Japan after a suicide attempt. She had been married twice (more than twice if you count that she actually had to marry Anthony Cox twice since the first time was annulled because she hadn't gotten properly divorced from Toshi Ichiyanagi). She had a daughter, and she was seven years older than him. She was nutty, but she was yin to John's yang.

John and Yoko were certainly revolutionary. Paul and Linda were quieter back then, but years later they were quite vocal about vegetarianism and animal rights. Plus, they were on the Simpsons, heh.

So, Lennon or McCartney? Who's your favorite Beatle? And who'll come out of the left field with George Harrison and sweep me off my feet?

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