Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Catholic Singles in your area!

There are singles sites and then there are singles sites.

What if the online love of your life turns out to be a satan worshipper, or a scientologist, or worse, a protestant?

Well, never fear 'cause Catholic Mingle is here!

Aside from the creepiness of single sites, aren't you supposed to be on a singles site 'cause you're lonely and horny? (not necessarily single, alas) Wouldn't a catholic site pretty much guarantee you'll still be horny?

So we have creepy singles and creepy religious types who are forever going on and on about how the Lord fills their lives and tells them what to do and how to shun people who aren't their particular cult 'cause they'll go to hell anyway.

Sorry my theist friends, you know that my rant has more to do with people who go all preachy about their faith.

Anyhoo, Catholic fucking made my day

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