Monday, January 21, 2008

"One, it will stabilize her libido. Two, it will make a woman look more beautiful in the eyes of her husband. And three, it will balance her psychology."

-Lukman Hakim, chairman of social services for the Assalaam Foundation in Indonesia, on the “benefits” to circumcising girls.

I try. really, I do. I want to be tolerant. I want to be objective an unbiased. And I struggle agains organized religion in general, not just Islam. Certainly the church is very interesting from a historical and political perspective, but I find evangelism offensive.

But after reading this article, I really can't say that Judeo-Christian beliefs are as ass backwards as Muslim faith.

A Cutting Tradition

Yesyesyes Jewish men are circumcised and they really shouldn't, but this is just even more barbaric! Besides, I'm sorry to say this guys but male circumcision apparently does have demonstrated health benefits, namely reduced risk of infection and some protection against H.I.V. (Insert link from AIDS study in Africa)

The pics are quite strong, at least to me as a woman they make me cringe. Read the article, it's short. And let's rethink our touchy feely politics, hmm? Maybe Oriana Fallaci wasn't so nutty.

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Strath said...

Female genital mutilation is a cultural thing, not a religious one. That said it's a disgusting, barbaric practice.