Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disturbing Trend of the Day: Personal Paparazzi

From Jeff Bercovici's Mixed Media blog on

You know those paparazzi who are always swarming around Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, chronicling their every cold sore and psychotic break? Wouldn't that be great if that could be you instead?
According to a story in the new issue of Time (not online yet but I'll link it when it is), "personal paparazzi" services are springing up across the country for "private individuals who want to experience some of the trappings of fame."
For only a few hundred dollars a day, they'll follow you around and make a big show of taking your picture. One of them, Celeb 4 A Day, even prints up a mock tabloid cover showcasing your "news."
The service isn't entirely without utilitarian value: People can use it, in lieu of a traditional photographer, to document special occasions, and one customer interviewed by Time says club bouncers let him skip the line, thinking he was an actual celebrity.

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