Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eat Local

This is really old, I wrote this back in august, but hadn't gotten around to updating this thing....Weeeellll.....(One of) the latest craze(s) to surge among the liberal East & West Coast tyoes, has been the organic/local food movement. This has been picking up momentum over the last couple years, but I believe it has exploded 2006 and 2007.

There was even that article in Time, so some people might even argue that the topic is almost passé now. But there are still plenty of new books coming out (PLENTY, by Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon is a good example) along with blogs filled with recipes, gardening tips, Michael Pollan, Chezz Panisse, Marion Nestle, Alice Waters...

There's even a radical branch of guerilla gardening that spells out the impending doom of oil economies combined with Tyler Durden's world view, how we'll grow our own food and sew our home tanned leather loincloths....ok, I'm exaggerating, but they do lean towards that. And now we have PETA's "Too chicken to go vegan" campaign.

What strikes me as funny is North America's extreme self centeredness. For starters, these people publishing their zany adventures of a year eating locally, live mostly in California, Vancouver, or sometimes even New York. Why? Is it just because the coasts are cool and with it, and the poor midwesterners are hopelessly behind the times? Or Because California grows half the USA's produce?

Yep, Hollywood and Silicon Valley notwithstanding, there's still plenty of farming, albeit an industrialized form, going on. Organic and industrial farms in California, not to mention Napa Valley, so they can drink Merlot with their foraged chanterelles and hydroponic arugula. The whole West Coast has pretty much ideal farming climate and great biodiversity. The same can be said for places like Virginia, and upstate New York.

bailo tango, masco chicle, pego duro, y tengo viejas de a montón....TU-RU-RU

En honor a Roco, homage a Juan Camaney

I miss you Rococco!! Ya basta de las tardes

Por cierto, el que decía la frase no era Juan Camaney, sino Luis de Alba en el personaje de El Chido.

"Soy Juan Camaney, bailo tango, masco chicle, pego duro, y tengo viejas de a montón....TU-RU-RU!" (por ahí del min 1:38 en este clip)

Monday, October 01, 2007