Monday, January 21, 2008

Europe vs. USA

Even though I have yet to finish my MBA (this summer, finally) I have already been thinking of a Phd in Sociology. I'm not exactly sure Sociology is the way to go, but I will not dedicate my life to Economics and Communication is more a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Basically, I want to study immigration. To quantify how much money Mexico loses every time someone crosses the border, and how much money the USA is gaining. Opportunity costs that sort of thing.

That's one of several possible subjects, for example if I were to stay in Mexico I want to research our Jewish and Arab roots in Monterrey (cabrito and semitas are Jewish if you look at them. Luis Carvajal y de la Cueva was imprisoned for false conversion, years after he founded the city of course that's why Diego de Montemayor gets the most credit)

Anyway, my question is where I want to study. Aside from the fact that I need to me admitted, but do I want to go to Europe or not?

1. It's freaking Europe. Paris would be around the corner. And Rome, and Venice, Cairo, Marrakesh, et al.

2. I might have less competition for admission? (Compared to UCBerkeley)

3. I'm guessing European scholars would be more objective about the American way than Americans, it's advantages and shortcomings.

4. I might get a better scholarship, one that includes a stipend.

1. It's quite far away, so how will I do research for my dissertation on immigration all the way over there? Plane tickets are expensive.

2. Is the European outlook too ivory towerish?

The US universities also have their share of troubles, I mean I don't think research on immigration form a pro Mexico stance would go over well, exactly.

Does anybody have an opinion on this?

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