Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Waiting for Super Tuesday....or Godot, whichever is fine

The Kennedys support Obama. This is huuge. Caroline Kennedy's speech was especially significant. My mother, who's a baby boomer and lived in Chicago when JFK, thinks Obama is sure to win now. But a lot of boomers back Clinton, so we'll see. This is just evened the field. We need see if Edwards decides to be a Kingmaker or a Queenmaker, haha.

No word on Florida yet, this is probably Rudy Giuliani's make it or break it state. The New York Times has published their preferences since Friday, Clinton for the Democrats and McCain for the Republicans, although they do state they have serious problems with allRepublican candidates. At least they're honest, and admit a preference. Something El Norte never does, and it's a subject of debate among some of my friends, is it a smarter, sneakier or more innocent strategy? My guess is all of the above. Although innocent strategy is an oxymoron, sort of like military intelligence.

Well, I've got my inbox piling up, and I'm gonna miss the movies today since I can't get off early. I'll try to post after the Florida results come in.

Time: 4:56 pm,
Temp: 33° C /89° F (Don't you just love Monterrey weather? Huh)
Song: Visions of Johanna...love this song, can't wait for I'm not there to freaking arrive to México. Damn small releases.

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