Monday, January 07, 2008

Is Michael Pollan on John Edward's Advisory Committee? Notes on the forgotten Democrat

Very interesting post by food blogger Anne Richardson. It seems John Edwards is the only candidate (in México he would be precandidato, as everyone else) with a food policy. Not only that, but it sounds like a cracking good policy.

Or check it out at the source itself:

Yes, I wasn't flattered where they mention that mexican strawberries and green onions caused food poisoning back in '96 and '97, but overall I found it very interesting and articulate.

Now, before we get carried away, let me say that being self sufficient foodwise and not importing isn't all it's cracked up to be. After all, Japan isn't self sufficient by any stretch of the word and you don't see them worrying.

Japanese eat fish all the time and you don't see them worrying about mercury poisoning. Also, their diet is much more diverse than the average American's (and the average Mexican's, too!)

Fad diets and food scares are very much a US phenomenom, some people think because they don't have a food culture, no base. Infotainment and sensationalist news programs have a great deal of blame here.

Now, about food autonomy. Mexican politicians like to dump ashes over their head and wear sackcloth over the recent elimination of aranceles for yellow corn, among other grains, and bellow that "El Campo Mexicano" (that obscure beast on the pedestal who can't do much of anything up there) is going to fall apart.

For starters, we already have been importing yellow corn from the USA. We hardly grow it, since we frow white corn for human consumption. We even export a little bit of it to the US. (How do you like them apples, Confederación Nacional Agraria?)

If yellow corn is cheap cause of US subsidies to farmers, then mexican businessmen actually benefit. Mexican farmers aren't really affected 'cause nobody is not buying from them to import 'cause they don't grow yellow freaking corn.

I know it sounds incredibly republican of me, but trying to brake the race to the bottom and blocking our borders without any thought to real solutions and compromise, will not help in the long run. This doesn't mean savage capitalism should run rampant, but closing out eyes, sticking our head in the sand, and throwing a tantrum like the populist faction is wont to do, won't solve anything.

But, I digress. Hugely.

Edward's Stop this World I want to get off tirade may annoy my political pragmatist wonky side at times, but he is certainly a very interesting candidate to watch, somebody who's definitely putting some intellectual thought into his speeches, not just media blitz politico savvy shit, might they be offended by this? type of drivel you see a lot of the other candidates spouting. (I'm talking to you Hillary. And you too Obamarama, don't think you're safe)

He's a guy with a passion, and a backstory. And a guy with ideas. Think of him as a more interesting Al Gore. (Kidding, Al, you know I love ya!) 'Bama should think about a running mate.

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