Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday

Clinton seems to be winning on the Democrat's side so

It's not that I don't find her capable, I do, as she said, she's ready from day one; but I find her highly divisive, much more so than Obama. And there are so many insane Hillary haters, at least on the web, that I doubt she can carry a national election, especially against McCain.

I was raised in panismo and voto ùtil, I haven't voted for Patricia Mercado or Gilberto Rincòn Gallardo, not when there was an election to win or lose for the PAN. The problem here is that there are no reliable national polls to see who could really carry a national election not just a caucus or a closed primary. But I still doubt Hillary's power with females is enough to counteract her detractors.

With McCain vs. Obama, the differences really stand out, and I felt this pairing would have been tough on Obama but it also gave him a chance.

Clinton-McCain, on the other hand, aside from the gender card, what's really so different about them to the voters? We'll just need to wait and see....

Oh, and another thing, what's this shit about Huckabee winning so many votes? Come on USA how can you vote for a pastor? Where's the separation between Church and State? It's such a basic concept, only Americans could have forgotten about it. And let's not even go into his gift list, which I'm sorry, but is really poor ethics, not to mention totally agains his aw, shucks humble persona. Really, if you don't want snake oil salesmen just say so, don't go voting for Huckabee...hell, vote for Ron Paul if you want

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