Friday, February 29, 2008

Omaha Steak

I haven't posted in like forever, mainly because there's so much going on right now.
Our Radiohead tickets are on their way, Bob Dylan's on tonight, I'm in love with Juno, etc. (The Oscars we're boring BTW), Dan and Tina are having a baby (this is HUGE news), and I've got a ton of work, a really good thing. Obamarama's catching, Billary really tipped her hand...

I just wanted to join the amarillista economic pundits wave and moan about the economy for five minutes, 'cause I've edited a note about Berkshire Hathaway. They posted an 18% decrease in earnings for the last quarter of 2007. I mean, Warren Buffett's comany is slowing down. That's to be expected even, right, but it still brought me up short.

Now, I snickered yesterday when Bush said they're not marching towards a recession, it's not like I'm Pollyana or something, and I know central bankers are optimistic and this is going to be a rough year.

But I had decided that cynicism is a lousy strategy, in the end (I'm quoting Seth Godin here), and it's too easy to criticize hope. It would be cooler for once to make a social contract with being informed yet not pessimistic so I was going to stop worrying about all these little passive aggressive economic indicators from the US economy that we get every five minutes.

Right now I just want Buffett to say something, and maybe send us some Omaha steaks, (kidding, I hate U.S. meat), 'cause also today the stupid mexican stock market had to go and lose 4.02% in one single session. I mean, I get jittery seeing how jittery they are, even though they still closed February with a 0.43% gain.

Anyway, I have to go.

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