Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Conspiracy Theory of the Day

We all love those....

Was losing Wisconsin a sneaky Hillary strategy?

Ok, I'll cut the crap. It sounds absolutely ludicrous, and it's unlikely they planned it that way. But maybe losing Wisconsin will generate sympathy from women voters for Hil, since once again it seems that she's poised to lose. At least that's what the mainstream media would have you think. I still believe this is a very close race.

But anyway, picture this.

1) It seems she's just about to topple off the horse,
2) so people suddenly care enough to get out and vote,
3) just in time for Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

One more thing (á la Steve Jobs, heh): is it me or is Ga ga ga ga ga a very political album? The lyrics to the Underdog, especially.

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