Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sleaze sells more than moral corruption, and Get out the vote money

Bear with me, I'm full of primary news this morning.

-About the NYTimes article from yest, the reactions came in.

McCain denies his affair, dissapointed, who are the sources, etc. MSM completely misses the point (IMHO), focusing on the supposed affair. Well, they know morbid sells. Shame on them, though.

As Joe Carville, from the Clinton '92 campaign said, It's the economy, stupid! The point is McCain is just as shady as the rest of the Republicans, despite his claims to the contrary. At least that's what the article hints (quite forcefully).

-Obama raised 36 mil in January. Hillary raised 13.9, and added 5 mil of her own money. McCain raised 11.7 million last month, more than what he raised in the last three months of 2007 combined.

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