Friday, February 15, 2008

College is a waste of time and money for kids

And it's not me saying this.

James Altucher, writer, Financial Times columnist and finance whiz extraordinaire, said it!

He mentions the ridiculous cost American kids (or their parents) pay for college today. Also, he derides the supposed benefits of a balanced education.

Mexican universities are different in this respect, since we don't have "majors". We basically choose our majors beforehand, and enter the corresponding college. Electrical engineering, law, business administration, psychology, architecture, civil engineering, sociology, etc... We then spend four to five years focusing on our chosen field, no chem 101 required if your BA is Social Communications! We may not be well rounded, but we get to spend more time reading up on Marshall McLuhan and Michael Porter.

Anyway, this guy suggests there are better ways to spend your time: working (meaningful jobs), starting a business, focusing on one thing and becoming good at it. It's worth a read, even if it is a radical notion for most of us.

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