Friday, April 18, 2008

Oh, LOL!

I was gonna post this last night, but I was too tired (still am).

John Edwards, aka Breck Boy, was on Stephen Colbert last night. He showed really good comic timing, and a willingness to make fun of himself. His segment was called the Ed Words. Since white males are the new soccer moms, and he's a white male, well.... he wants a jet ski. Two jet skis, in fact.

The reason he hasn't endoresed either candidate yet is 'cause, (insert Southern accent here) on the one hand, he doesn't want to be seen as "anti-hope." On the other, he doesn't want James Carville to bite him.

Other things the candidates can get him to get his support: make him a spy! put his mug on bills! National holidays named after the Edwards kids! Oh, and commit to ending poverty in 30 years. (there was some text appearing beside him, sort of the teleprompter's response, and when he mentioned this, a priceless quote appeared: "Bush ended middle class in 8") .

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