Thursday, April 17, 2008

Karl Rove is a perverse genius

The WSJ does their share of ass kissing today with a very flattering profile of Cindy McCain, business woman, charity worker, mother of an adopted child extraordinaire. I'm sorry for picking on the candidate's spouse, but I'm going to go ahead on this one.

It's not really Ms. McCain that interests me here, it's all the angles the Journal covered. It kicks off with a compliment about her hostessing skills. Can you say that about Bill? What about Michelle, won't she make you uneasy with all the uncomfortable questions?

There are a couple of references to her iPod and Blackberry. Hoping this hip image might rub off on John? He may be 71 and remind you of a grumpy grandpa who wants the kids off his lawn, but he's groovy and with it! (yes, no one uses groovy, that's my point precisely)

They bring up an old painkiller addiction that came about after a couple of back surgeries (yes, she's human and frail, just like you!).

"I was trying to be the perfect woman", says Ms. McCain. Awww, direct quote so we can empathize aaand something that speaks to all those working women out there.

All this happened around the time of the Keating Five Scandal, after Lincoln Savings & Loan imploded, costing U.S. taxpayers some $3.4 billion dollars. Did Rupert's rag mention this amount? Three guesses.

The article mentions the infamous barbecue weekend. Except for the Journal, it was not infamous. Those ribs were delicious, I'll tell you!

My point is, this piece is loaded with spin. The "Cindy is a very private person" shtick. How she reassured the employees at the family firm after her father's death,

"I want the employees and their families to know that I will take care of them the way my dad has", again, direct empathy quote.

Last, how she has "always" been proud of her country, unlike Michelle Obama. This is a very good (or very bad?) piece of spin, and I for one thing, am afrain of Karl Rove. Are you there, Karl? It's me, Xoch.

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