Friday, May 02, 2008

Jesus, Hil, way to polarize the issues!

I find the Senator extremely annoying with her simplistic sales tactics. Is she really willing to ruin her party, her country, just to win?

The gas tax thing is just another one of her little ploys to make people believe she stands for "normal Americans", for the little people.

“I believe it is important to get every member of Congress on the record. Do they stand with hard pressed Americans who are trying to pay their gas bills at the gas station or do they once again stand with the big oil companies? That’s a vote I’m going to try to get, because I want to know where they stand and I want them to tell us - are they with us or against us?”

It wouldn't save the individual consumer much. Yet she pretends tobe taking on big oil by proposing to cover the cost of this tax holiday through a “windfall profits” tax on oil companies.

Demonizing oil companies won't help. Bush and his cronies are far more responsible for the current price of oil than they are, with their cronyism and their war. I know it sounds like I'm excusing the snakes 'cause they can't help being snakes, but think about it.

And yes, there are plenty of other factors like China and other emerging economies, OPEC and a diminishing supply, but taxing companies 'cause they're "too profitable" is a crock and it goes against the so called American way.

In any case, reducing this tax would NOT help the States wean itself off fossil fuels, or even foreign oil at least. Yet she wants to play this as David vs. Goliath. Anybody who doesn't agree is cast as an arugula eating elitist or guilty of cronyism.

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