Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hey Jude

Sick of Facebook applications, I added the "Which Beatles song best describes your life right now?" because, hey, everyone loves the Beatles, and this one didn't sound too annoying. It turns out I'm Hey Jude, ha. And this is the description. I almost kinda liked it.
You are a little hesitant and insecure when it comes to taking action, but the truth is you are extremely capable and full of life and hope, and are a natural leader. You are an idealist and you often wish that there was something you could do to make society a little better. Although you can be overdramatic when faced with obstacles, you have a strong support group of people who love you who will be there to set you back on your feet. Sometimes you have difficulty opening your heart and expressing your feelings because you are worried that people won't accept you, so you act nonchalant and cool. However, you are slowly learning to let people into your heart and let go of your fears.

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