Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm sitting in a fake Chili's (a faux fake then?) with WAY to many dumb posters, listening to Jim Carroll's People Who Died. At first I thought it was Tobias Wolff, but then I remembered that was another Leonardo DiCaprio movie role. No, I'm not DiCaprio obsessed, I just associated it. Am I not supposed to be an E/INTJ (E or I depending on my mood, I swear), with the N being concept based thinking (intuitive) as opposed to associative (sensory) thinking? Yes, I am Myers-Briggs type obssesed. It's what I'm working on wight now.

My beer should be colder, it's as hot as hell today. Is there gluten free beer? Is there a market for it? My friends are here.

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