Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's cloudy and overcast today, the view from the skilight was totally gray this morning. It's brighter now, but the sky is still pale. It's a bit smoggy, too. The perils and pitfalls of working downtown!

I wanted to write about what I had cooked last night, except I ended not cooking at all.

Yesterday, Ben and I were talking about food writing. Non fiction has gotten cooler in the last few years apparently, and food writing is part of it. I was saying that I liked the genre because it's evocative and descriptive and how a people's atitude towards food and their methods of preparation gives us insights to a country's culture abd history, etc... And Ben remarked how that sounded exciting and made you wonder how could anyboday not want to write about food, like how could anybody write about anything else at all.

The thing is, I guess that's how I pretty much how I feel writing in general, but food writing especially, at least for now. I do like business, and maybe I only have a case of the editing blues. But I just want to take a topic and write. Research the hell out of it, think of clever turns of phrase and then delete them because they're too fussy or precious. Just plain, sharp, fabulous writing. Fab because it knows it's good, and it doesn't try too hard. Anyway. I just might try my hand at a food article. See what happens.

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