Monday, July 28, 2008

Anybody have the inside scoop on why the Confederación Nacional Agropecuaria (CNA) hasn't sworn in its new president?

Jaime Yesaki has been there for four years now, and they had some odd little election almost a month and a half ago. Juan Carlos Cortés won, but he hasn't made any waves at all so far.

Yesaki is still going strong, today he accused the U.S. goverment of unfairly protecting its farmers by blocking mexican imports using the salmonela incidents as an excuse.

Since they cleared the tomatoes, and the jalapeño wasn't infected by salmonella in Mexico, they might be going after onions and avocados now. It's a little bit of both, I guess, and it makes for interesting news on a Monday morning.

But to get back to my original question, why is Yesaki still there?

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