Friday, September 01, 2006

Last Nite

So I went to the Strokes last night. Cool. Not my favorite band in the world, heck, even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs score higher on my list but it was still entertaining. Beats staying home. Box seats. Surrounded by psycho DJs. Some local, a couple "world famoso" Israeli dudes, beats me as I couldn't tell them from Adam. One of them is called DNA, that's all I know.

So anyway, J Casablancas and company. First off, kill the lo-fi. Not a good thing outside the garage. Maybe it wasn't so much the amps, but the fact that Casablancas handles his mic horribly. It was a pretty good omni but it was practically down his throat and always slanting down. Really hard time hearing him. The rest of the guys were pretty competent, although the never improvised, not even once. I especially liked Albert Hammond. The rest of them were also pretty good, although I get the feeling Nick Valensi is kind of deppresed and his guitar playing shows it. He also has this really long hair now and looks more like part of a grunge band instead of the NewWavendiepboypretty look the rest of the band has. Maybe he outgrew the fake unwashed, blazer with sleeves pushed up aesthetic. Who knows.
A funny moment, that I also saw at U2 but not at the Stones concerts, was when everyone opens their camera phones. It's a Y2K kind of moment, when everyone has the band in front of them but they're not seeing them, they're seeing their image on the screen. Life thru a lens, instead of the real thing. And it's right in your face. But you can't experience it without your gadgets. Heh.

Anyway, it was fun. Some cool tunes. Good people watching, really good vibe and all types of snobs, freaks and geeks, indies, poseurs, you name it. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be in town soon, I just hope it's at the end of October not September, so I can catch it. And what the fuck is wrong with Mty that Interpol can't play here? They've played Mexico City and Guadalajara so why not us?

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