Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good Night, and Good Luck

Many things, many new things. Back at school. Greece and Paris in less than a month. Went to the Strokes concert tonight. Weird epiphanies. Heavy stuff.

I just finished seeing this movie, the coolest one I've seen in a bit. My Sahari's list from the past two weeks includes Capote, Caché, Brokeback Mountain, Breakfast on Pluto and Junebug. Which were all pretty good, the first two especially, but this one really spoke to me. Enough to make me write about it, anyway.

I am a self-confessed news junkie, and I've applied to El Norte more times than I care to admit, so this really was right up my alley. For some reason I didn't catch it at the movies (I think I was training at DFW that month) and my Dish has been down for a couple months. It's a bummer, 'cause the photography and editing is gorgeous and I'd love to see this baby on a big screen.
It's b & w, but not in a film noirish kind of way. It's precise and clean cut, the way the news should be, but at the same time it lends itself to drama and intensity. The editing is top notch also. I especially liked the way the dialogue from a scene carried over to the next one.
The acting was superb, on peril of sounding totally snobbish and pretentious. Clooney is an actor's director so he has a lot of semi to familiar faces and he brings out if not the best, then something damn good out of them. The theme I think is timeless. Of course everyone says it's especially relevant now with Bush and his total lack of interest in the news media; all the complacency, arrogance and self censorship that's going on; Fox News, etc, etc, ad nauseaum. However, The Truth vs. Big Business is practically an age old dilemma.

Of course, I am the kind of person that pretty much agrees with most, if not all of George Clooney's bleeding heart liberal concerns. It also doesn't hurt that his previous movies have entertained me. Out of Sight, O' Brother, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Three Kings, Thin Red Line. And let's say it, the man's eye candy. This still doesn't change the fact that this is an Important movie, the capital I kind. And it's also a very exciting one. Yes, exciting.

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