Friday, September 05, 2008

you know, thank god for jon stewart. I love me some john stewart.

I knew I wanted to watch the daily show today for his take on palin's speech. Yet I was dreading watching palin and her snark again. I usually love snark, but not on her. Not when they're soiling one of the few good things to come out of U.S. politics in recent times. Obama's not perfect and there will probably be a time when he disappoints as president, but he's just so un-republican, so un-stupid, he's just uplifting. Because he's articulate. Because he's smart, because he has risen above the mudslinging, for the most part.

Anyway, Stewart did not disappoint, as always. I laughed and cried along with him. Colbert, not so good today. Huckabee was on, and he surprised me with how not stupid he came off. I wasn't expecting that.

A Democratic win is not only necessary and possible, but also likely. The info and informal polls I've been able to get to show people in states like Indiana, Michigan and Arizona voting Democrat. Middle aged women are not impressed with Palin, thank God. Men, ehhh, they think she's hot. But so far she's impressed some (ok, a lot) of the Republicans, who were voting McCain anyway. Oh, and traitorous little Rusty.

****I've been reading Chez Pazienza's blog often again . Absolutely brill. I missed a post in the evening and ended up commenting on a newer one, kind of saying the same thing he said on the previous post, only not as sharp or creative. Anyway, read it.*****

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The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet said...

Jon Stewart actually made me go into labor. I kind of love him for that.

I love your blog! It's really chock full of some great stuff. Glad you found me - Thanks!