Monday, September 01, 2008

Shameless gossip

==>Sarah Palin hit by Internet rumors over fifth child

Already climbing up the ranks on digg. It seems Palin's fifth pregnancy was suspiciously announced in her seventh month and she hardly ever showed. They're saying it was really her daughter's kid.

True? False? Um, how do I know? Maybe she was keeping it quiet because of the Down Syndrome thing.

The Republican camp seems to be reacting today, by announcing that Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant and will marry "her baby's daddy". Reminds me of when Michael Douglas annouced he was a sex addict (and he was covering up something else supposedly, although I never found out what it was).

Poor kid. Now they (we) are going to set her up as an example of her mother's parenting skills, how she's unfit for VP, the American taxpayers' abstinence-only education tax dollars at work, the list goes on.

When I was reading the NY Times story, I found it very odd that Palin boarded a nine hour flight to Alaska when she already had contractions. She already knew her child had Down's Syndrome, and she was going into labor a month early. And she's 44. Miscarriage city? Is that what was really going on?

I've had a post drafted all weekend about the whole nomination, but have been arguing all weekend with Rusty and Ben and everyone about the effect. Rusty thinks Rove is a genius and this will only benefit McCain. They're bidding for the forgotten Hillary supporters, etc.

I think this is only brilliant n the surface and not even the U.S. voters would fall for such obvious pandering. Hillary's holdouts, impressed with a staunch prolifer? Who sued the federal government for placing the polar bear on the endangered species list?

Let's say Clintonites are a stupid bunch and they will go for Palin because she's a woman. That they're rabid manhaters and totally bitter. Ok, let's suspend disbelief for a moment and go ahead and buy this. So they'll vote for a happily married 44 year old with five children? Who is VP under McCain? Naaahh. I don't think so.

Look, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Either the Christian right embraces this move or the Clinton fans. Not both. Possibly neither one.

Right now, conservative christian right folks are relieved about this pick, if the MSM is to be believed. Yet the loony right blogs are eating up this story about Palin having faked her pregnancy.

This is very muddled right now, but I stand by my original reaction. The VP pick was only brilliant on the surface. Even without this prurient gossip, it opens up McCain for a host of criticism. It makes him seem too old. Yes, everyone else says he's too old, but this pick means he agrees with them. Biden complements Obama. But he doesn't fill in gaps in a way that spotlights Obama's failings.

Oh, and wtf with Cindy McCain saying that Palin has foreign policy experience because Alaska is close to Russia? Someone shut her up. And the republicans criticized Clinton when she flashed her ex-First Lady credentials and tried to pass it off as experience!

According to an AP article, Mrs. McCain asked Palin how she was feeling about her son being deployed to Iraq, etc.

“And she looked me square in the eye and she said, ’You know something? I’m a mother. I can do it.’ ”

Ugh. Someone get me a barf bucket.

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