Thursday, August 21, 2008

So yeah, um, we removed the dirty pic. It wasn't pervy or anything, but apparently anyone and everyone who googled chingada, chingar, chingan and other derivatives of the word, arrived here. And I didn't even tag it, so what the hell? But, as R. just pointed out, removing the pic might not deter those would be searchers since I am still including the word in this post. We'll see.

So, on a totally unrelated topic, I'm an MBA now. Here's to late nights, to finding out I am a good student only if I like the subject, and to finding out that even if I don't like the subject I can still scrape by (albeit not as happily). Here's to my parents, and my teachers, and my advisor. To saying goodbye to Excel spreadsheets. And adios, McKinsey case studies! Good riddance.

Here's to beer, and singing the Pet Shop Boys really loud on a Tuesday night. Here's to my teammate Wendy who's in friggin' China and still manages to be saner and more on the ball and more communicative than other teamsters residing in good ol' Monterrey. I promise I'll visit you one of these days!

So, I'm not switching jobs. I like my current one just fine, thank you very much. I like to write. I'm not very keen on working for investment bankers. Or being one, for that matter.

I also like the fact that I am getting an inmense amount of time back. What will I do with it? I dunno, sleep maybe? Gardening, running, biking, drinking, cooking, reading, watching movies, writing (or attempt to) screenplays, the list is endless. Some things I never stopped doing, but they were scaled down some. Sleeping, for example.

Anyhooo, I am just glad to be done with the whole thing. Even at work, I'm no longer writing about venture capital funds, and we're back to agribusiness. Slaughterhouses. Yeah, so. I actually like the subject, although I predict I won't be eating beef the next couple weeks. Or months.

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