Monday, November 26, 2007

Random thoughts

I'm in a Starbucks on 6th Ave & 53rd St drinking expensive, delicious cinammon laced coffee, & expensive, politically correct bottled water.

Bottled water isn't very PC these days, but this one helps bring clean water to poor people in Africa, or so it says on the label. Upon further inspection, they're only donating like 5 cents per bottle, which is $1.25 and even with the Starbucks markup it seems to me they're donating awfully little to be calling themselves Ethos and pitching the "clean water for children" bit.

I'm waiting for MOMA to open so I can go spend $20 bucks to see Art with a capital A. I should really go to Chelsea and see art galleries for free, but I want to see the Latin American exhibit and Martin Puryear.

Listening to Xmas music while I sip my cinnammon concoction. I start my new job in exactly one week....Oooh, men in NYC are cute and insufferable. I try not to stare.

An old german couple sits next to me. Could they be Swiss?

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